Things girls need to get over

Things girls need to get over

Laura Argintar, an experience writer, comedienne and low-key science nerd, has listed a number of things girls need to over. In a funny article she explains that women are very clever, intuitive and sensitive creatures, but sometimes "our minds can be dangerous places."

In this case, she is referring to times of insecurity when women over think situations and needlessly get themselves down . Therefore, she explains that girls need to accept some things the way they are and free themselves of the self-doubt and the stress of things that aren't worth obsessing over.

Here are some things every girl needs to get over, according to Laura Argintar:

1. Where your friends are in their lives compared to yours

As Laura explains: "Just because Lena Dunham (filmmaker and actress, best known for her TV show Girls) has all these accomplishments under her belt at the ripe age of 27 doesn't mean the rest of us 20-something women need to be on her level. We are all pursuing different things in this world". Accordingly, you can't measure your own success in comparison to your friends' accomplishments. The key is to stay focused on your own objectives and move forward at your own pace in order to achieve your own goals.

2. Love handles, bikini bridges, thigh gaps, muffin tops, gap teeth, skinny arms, bubble butts...

"These aren't things to be ashamed of", Laura explains and then recommends girls to change it if they get it and own it if they love it.

3. An unflattering photo of yourself online

This is something girls tend to obsess over, unflattering pictures of themselves online, but like Laura explains, "Why are you stressing over someone you don't even know in the Internet world finding a bad snapshot?" Nobody trusts a picture of someone online - attractive online - thanks to Photoshop.

4. Taking a day off at work

Sometimes you really need a day off at work to clear your mind and rest, but it's useless if you are spend the whole day obsessing over what you are missing. In this case, you would probably be better off at the office. But if you really need the rest, don't worry, your boss won't fire you if you have a legitimate excuse.

5. Being single

Most women get stressed every time they hear a 23-year-old friend is getting married. "I can barely choose what to wear in the morning, let alone someone I want to spend the rest of my life with," she explains. "It is time we stop beating ourselves up about it and instead embrace this special time we have for ourselves."

6. What you ate

You need to stop feeling guilty about what you eat. If you ate something you weren't supposed to, at least you enjoyed it. Next time, do more exercise or eat less calories to compensate. It's not the end of the world. Like Laura says, "only in Girl World do we take 10 minutes to comfort each other by sharing stories about the slice of pizza we ‘shamelessly' ate at the catered lunch". Just get over it.