The Best Jeans for Petite Frames

The Best Jeans for Petite Frames

There are many different body types in this world and every frame has to deal with its fair share of issues and troubles. For instance plus size girls always complain from not finding a big enough variety of womens modern fashion in clothing stores to satisfy their needs. On the other hand tall girls are always facing the issue that nothing quite fits them since they seem to outgrow everything. Their favorite jeans skirt around their shins and their maxi dresses look like knee length dresses!

Truth is, there is no figure in the world that does not have any issues to face when it comes to womens modern fashion. But on the other hand every figure seems to want to look like the other figure. And majorly, the most wanted figure type is the petite one. Every tall, plus size, round, triangle and inverted triangle figure craves to look like petite. There is something about petite figure that attracts every girl and are the beauty definition. Maybe it is how cute and small, petite women always look! But as always, petite figures also have their many issues.

Most of the time, petite figures have to deal with how every piece of clothing out there is too large for them and that is the opposite of beauty definition. Normal dresses seem to sweep the floor and not skirt around their ankles like how they are meant to. Medium sized shirts are always too baggy with the sleeves trailing a foot extra. Let us not forget the most important issue that has to do with trousers. That is a real crying shame and discourages the morale of be chic, curious and modern.

With dresses you can tie a belt around the waist and tuck some material of the dress within the belt to help hitch the dress higher. And when it concerns shirts, then you can roll up the sleeves or tie the excess fabric in a knot around your waist. But the worse issue is trousers and pants! You can’t possibly roll up every pair of pants and what happens when the waist is too huge. It’s a very annoying and agonizing experience for petite girls to go shopping for pants and be let down each time.

So that is the reason why below follows a comprehensive guide on how petite women can shop for the best jeans from the best spots. Because, let us face it, it is no piece of cake! Here are your best stops for shopping for jeans while keeping in mind to be chic, curious and modern:

J.Crew is a well-known store for many women to go shopping in. Headquartered in New York, it brings its customers a wide variety of all clothes and accessories for all. But the best item to pick for petite women is J.Crew’s "Petite slim boyfriend jean with cut hem" product.

7 for All Mankind may be a store that you haven’t heard of, of late but it is very efficient in producing products that can be worn by all at all entertainment occasions. Every petite girl’s favorite and most liked pair of clothing from their store is the "Tailorless Dojo Trouser in Lake Blue (Short Inseam)". These pair of jeans require little to no altercations (thanks to their inseam feature) if they happen to not fit on your petite frame.

Abercrombie and Fitch is yet another amazing store that adheres to the needs of all its customers regardless of their body shape. This is why their "High Rise Ankle Jeans" is a top favorite of all. It comes in a flexible and wide variety of sizes and colors.

Hudson Jeans are experts when it comes to producing those pairs of jeans that fit the classic petite frame just fine. Their 'Signature' Bootcut Jeans are a marvelous pick for all petite figures and it’s all thanks to its inseam feature and accurate sizing.

GAP is another awesome outlet that is known for its high end and famous pieces of clothing. A true classic choice, GAP’s "Washwell Mid Rise Classic Straight Jeans in 360 Stretch" are bound to bring joy to every confused and distressed petite frame just searching frantically for the perfect pair of jeans for their upcoming entertainment event.

Who does not know about Top Shop? Every lassie who adores shopping has surely heard of this outstanding store and the great pieces it brings forth in the market. Its "PETITE Mid Blue Mom Jeans" priced at only $70 are the perfect fit, material and color. For starters you can never go wrong with mom jeans and Top Shop ensures its customers get the best of both worlds with this pretty item.

Re/Done is probably that store that is not as famous as the others one in this list. But it surely brings the greatest jeans for all body types. The "Stovepipe high-rise straight jeans" are flawlessly proportional to every petite frame as they come in sizes starting from 23 to 31.