From The Inside

From The Inside

The fact that "feminism" is still being referred to as an "act", opposed to a readily accepted way of life tells us that we are a long way away from freeing ourselves as women from the objectification labels society has bestowed upon us for generations. 

It's fine to diet, and read fashion magazines, and get the most intimates parts of yourself waxed and bleached… but there has to be an underlying question: Why are you doing it? If the answer is for anyone other than yourself, then absolutely nothing you do on the outside will affect the way you are on the inside, which is the most important bit. Are we spending billions on the beauty industry to justify ourselves to the rest of society? Or is it the cherry on top of an already rich and personality-filled sundae?

Now, beauty on the outside absolutely dictates the immediate impression that we command from the rest of our species, however, what lies underneath the layer of make-up is what we actually contribute to society. It's fair to say that most women would want to be remembered for who they were rather than what they looked like, but the paradox remains that most women spend a great deal of their spare time catering to their looks, and not much else.

We don't help ourselves with the way that we talk about each other and continue to pander to the male-dominated leadership in most industries. If we ourselves are referring to members of our own sex with such derogatory terms, then we are giving the opposite sex free reign to do to the same, and the vicious circle starts all over again.

Even in this day and age where it doesn't appear to be an issue, there are many subconscious patterns which have taken generations to program that we are trying to undo. As a woman, you can either help or hinder the situation by letting your inner light shine and proving that you are more than just a visual representation of what you should be.

There are a great many women heroes of our time that are pushing to get equality between the two sexes. You can absolutely be one of them.