Ford Models Unveils Membership Program

Ford Models Unveils Membership Program

Ford Models, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of FMDC3 (Ford Models Digital Community 3.0), to unlock new and unique experiences for communities passionate about fashion, beauty, wellness, art, and culture.

FMDC3's vision is to build global, enhanced digital communities that provide access to unique, MBC ("money-can't-buy") experiences and opportunities. Our members will be able to access top-notch live and virtual events around the world, tailored and curated for their enjoyment. Additionally, our members will have access to exclusive content and intellectual property from Ford Models and other products and services, along with opportunities for support and collaboration.

During Ford Models' 75 years of history, the Company has always been a pioneer of the industry. Decio Restelli Ribeiro, President of Ford Models, Inc., witnessed many of these visionary changes through his long history of collaboration with the founders and past leaders of Ford Models, Eileen, Jerry and Katie Ford.

"In 2020, we created a truly global talent management platform and expanded our talent portfolio to include creators and change makers. That was Ford Models 1.0 to Ford Models 2.0. Today, we are expanding that vision to create Ford Models 3.0 – with the focus on global digital communities because fashion, beauty, wellness, art, and culture transcend boundaries".

In collaboration with Snowbell Labs, we are connecting technology innovations like web3.0 to create a more accessible, transparent, and participatory environment. The ideals of beauty themselves have broadened to be more inclusive. As content becomes democratized in its creation and dissemination, we believe that our community should be more involved in all aspects of our evolution.

FMDC3 will be launching the Ford First Access 2022-23 digital membership in an invite-only private sale in October, with a public sale scheduled for early November. Please refer to for more information about the program.

In celebration, FMDC3 is hosting the first official Ford Models Digital Community 3.0 Halloween Launch Event on the evening of Friday, October 28, 2022 at The Top of the Standard, Highline (NYC). Community members and other contributors will be offered complimentary first priority access and press will be in attendance.

Founded in 1947 by its namesakes, Eileen and Jerry Ford, Ford Models pioneered a new kind of global industry based on beauty. Starting out of their New York City home, Eileen and Jerry established a company and brand that launched and defined the modeling industry; as the agency renowned for innovating model management, Ford Models is the most recognized and respected name in the history of modeling. Today, Ford Models is at the forefront of the cultural conversation, representing fashion talent around the world, operating where culture meets creativity. With its main headquarters located in New York City, and with offices in Paris, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago, Ford Models continues to innovate and influence the industries of modeling and fashion.

Snowbell Labs is a holistic technology and service platform for creating and supporting engaged digital communities. Snowbell Labs works with brand partners in all aspects of EDC ("Engaged Digital Community") development, including: community strategy, marketing plans, websites, smart contracts, minting infrastructure, secure storage, payment integration, and data support.