Capsule Shoe Collection

Capsule Shoe Collection

Get Comfortable with Martha. Easy Spirit, the original women's comfort footwear brand, announced today its partnership with Marquee Brands and lifestyle icon, Martha Stewart. The Martha Stewart X Easy Spirit limited edition footwear capsule is designed for fashion and function.

The collection will have 4 quarterly drops: spring, summer, fall and holiday of 2021. Consisting of seasonal footwear from sandals with energy return, slip-resistant garden clogs, to easy-on flats and mules, Martha Stewart crafted everyday footwear for comfort around-the-clock, made for active and busy women everywhere who appreciate style and comfort. "I am thrilled to partner with Easy Spirit on a footwear collection crafted for fashion and function. Comfortable footwear is very important for my busy life, and these styles offer support and effortless ease where you need it most," said Martha Stewart. "I designed sandals with energy return and slip-resistant clogs because I know we are all busy. Anything is possible when you're comfortable."

Easy Spirit has been delivering on the promise of making our customer's everyday a little lighter, softer, and more importantly, EASIER. "Martha Stewart is known for providing helpful solutions for everyday living and so is Easy Spirit. We greatly value Martha and her brand ethos and wanted to ensure this collection represents all she embodies. Women are accomplishing more than they were already doing and now more than ever, they are seeking comfort and convenience" says Marc Fisher, CEO of Marc Fisher Footwear (owner of Easy Spirit footwear). "Each shoe has a clearly defined product feature and benefit. From comfort cushioning, arch support details, extended sizes, energy return technology in sandals, and slip resistant garden clogs, we provided her footwear solutions that she needs and wants. "

Easy Spirit is continuing to build the distribution of the brand to new retail partners domestically and internationally, which is why they have chosen to team up with Martha Stewart as their brand ambassador and collaborator in order to develop an authentic connection with the consumer base. "We tapped the Maker of Easy, Martha Stewart, because we believe anything is possible when you're comfortable and making life easier is what matters most. It is a universal spirit shared by women of all ages from all walks of life and Martha can amplify our mission to making all women comfortable in a big way" says Susan Itzkowitz, President of Marc Fisher Footwear.

As brand ambassador, Martha Stewart will be creating organic content to promote the footwear collection all in the comfort of her home due to the pandemic. "Dabbling in reels, and other platforms, Martha Stewart has always been ahead of the curve, we wanted to create a marketing program that feels authentic to the time we are living in and one her fans will appreciate. We created a content series, GET COMFORTABLE WITH MARTHA, in order for her fans to see her intimately and authentically talk about the shoes and how she relates the footwear organically from fashion, wellness, career, family and beyond," says Shanya Perera, VP of Marketing & PR Marc Fisher Footwear. "Additionally, we will be supporting the collaboration through a full media buy including digital video, social advertising, direct mail, programmatic display, as well as digital and influencer partnerships. The collection is meant to attract new customers across a broad spectrum of personal interests and lifestyles of those who prioritize comfort while also serving the Easy Spirit's loyal customer base."

For more information, or to purchase Martha Stewart x Easy Spirit shoes visit Martha Stewart x Easy Spirit will be sold at Macy's, Zappos,,, and other major retailers.

About Marc Fisher Footwear Company

Established in 2005, Marc Fisher Footwear Company is a leading full-service, product-driven fashion footwear company with knowledge and expertise in design, sales, sourcing, distribution and marketing – all with dedicated and strategic direction for each brand within the portfolio, which includes Easy Spirit, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, G by Guess, Bandolino, indigo rd., UNISA, and Sigerson Morrison along with the namesake brands – Marc Fisher and Marc Fisher LTD. Our diverse portfolio of globally recognized brands – available domestically and internationally via wholesale and retail channels – consistently meets the widest range of consumers' fashion footwear needs, from classic to contemporary, sport to dress, men to women. Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with showrooms in New York City, Marc Fisher Footwear is sold worldwide through department stores, specialty stores and e-commerce channels.

About Marquee Brands

Marquee Brands is a leading global brand owner and marketer. Owned by investor funds managed by Neuberger Berman, one of the world's leading employee-owned investment managers, Marquee Brands targets high quality brands with strong consumer awareness and long-term growth potential. Marquee Brands seeks to identify brands in various consumer product segments with the goal of expanding their reach across retail channel, geography and product category while preserving the brand heritage and enhancing the ultimate consumer experience. Through its global team of professionals and partners, Marquee Brands monitors trends and markets in order to grow and manage brands in partnership with retailers, licensees and manufacturers through engaging, impactful strategic planning, marketing, and e- commerce. In 2019, Marquee Brands acquired the Martha Stewart brand, which reaches approximately 100 million consumers across all media and merchandising platforms each month. Martha Stewart is the Founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and America's most trusted lifestyle expert and teacher. Her branded products can be found in over 70 million households and have a growing retail presence in thousands of locations.

Top 5 Black Dresses

Top 5 Black Dresses

You have probably heard of the term little black dress! It goes so far as to be referred to as "LBD" for short. And the truth is, every girl loves little black dresses. They are perfect for every occasion and they flatter everyone regardless of their age, size, body frame…etc. Little black dresses overall are a dream come true. They come in all sorts of styles, designs and types. You can find over 100 different types of little black dresses in a matter of minutes. And the best part is they will all definitely look amazing. These kinds of beautiful dresses garner a lot of attention because of their attractive yet simplistic appeal.

Every once in a while a girl should bring out some simplicity in her choice of outfit. Because, let’s face it! You can’t always go extra with your outfits. There are some occasions that require you to dress up in a simple yet effectively gorgeous womens modern fashion pieces. For such events and days you will see that a little black dress looks best. There are many reasons as to why little beautiful black dresses are preferred and adored over all other types of dresses because the beauty of them is incomparable.

For starters, the black color is a top favorite among all people. It simply is the best shade in the color family and has a wonderful way of flattering every body shape. Whether you are an inverted triangle, round, hourglass or rectangle frame, the color black does a lot to highlight your body’s best areas and curves. So what are you waiting for? You should most definitely get yourself a little cute black dress from your best and most guaranteed online retailer; Amazon!

Undoubtedly there is a huge variety of dresses available on Amazon and it is no surprise that every girl will not know which to choose or which to purchase. Through the huge variety there are only a select number of finely picked choices that you can intend to splurge your money on. Many times, deceiving retailers do not give their customers their money’s worth and it is a crying shame. However, the items described below are a perfect example of where you can invest your money. In return you are guaranteed to have a winning item hung in your closet sure to flatter and compliment you at every turn.

The best and first on the list would definitely be the "Donna Morgan Women’s Sleeveless Square Neck Crepe Dress". Because of its incredible flexibility and functionality you can opt to wear this item in a number of different events. It is created with inbuilt stretchy spandex that provides comfort and ease wherever you go. It also features a square neckline and a high-low hemline (high at the knees, low at the back) and the beauty it holds is unmatched.

A more elegant and somber choice, the "Calvin Klein Women’s Scuba Crepe Sleeveless Princess Seam Sheath Dress" is one that you can wear for formal events of all sorts. It is also referred to as more of an office dress because of how modest and truly fitting it is. But you can never go wrong with a little black dress as aforementioned so you can even go for entertainment purposes out with your girls in this dress. Make sure you slip into your most glam heels!

Keep it simple and classy with this undeniably attractive number: "Lark & Ro Women’s Bow Shoulder Sleeveless Short Dress". This A-line dress is the best option for you during those days when you are facing a wardrobe crisis. It is modestly appealing with its slight V-neck and elegant bows on either shoulder that add a playful yet attractive vibe to this dress.

At times you want a simple dress that still shines through with its beauty regardless of how simple it is. For such occasions you direly need the "Donna Morgan Women’s Sleeveless Crepe Fit and Flare Dress". It highlights the waist and creates a gorgeous silhouette for all body shapes. The dress is also seen incorporated with some spandex allowing it to be stretchy and fit you snugly. It is perfect for entertainment events.

A comfortable yet unbelievably cute number the "Diane von Furstenberg Women’s Savilla Dress" is. It works with a waist tie mechanism which allows you to fasten it to perfection depending on how much you want to flatter your figure. Its wrap design makes it look pretty unique and unmatchable alongside its relaxed fit vibe, nothing could go wrong with this womens modern fashion item.

The Best Jeans for Petite Frames

The Best Jeans for Petite Frames

There are many different body types in this world and every frame has to deal with its fair share of issues and troubles. For instance plus size girls always complain from not finding a big enough variety of womens modern fashion in clothing stores to satisfy their needs. On the other hand tall girls are always facing the issue that nothing quite fits them since they seem to outgrow everything. Their favorite jeans skirt around their shins and their maxi dresses look like knee length dresses!

Truth is, there is no figure in the world that does not have any issues to face when it comes to womens modern fashion. But on the other hand every figure seems to want to look like the other figure. And majorly, the most wanted figure type is the petite one. Every tall, plus size, round, triangle and inverted triangle figure craves to look like petite. There is something about petite figure that attracts every girl and are the beauty definition. Maybe it is how cute and small, petite women always look! But as always, petite figures also have their many issues.

Most of the time, petite figures have to deal with how every piece of clothing out there is too large for them and that is the opposite of beauty definition. Normal dresses seem to sweep the floor and not skirt around their ankles like how they are meant to. Medium sized shirts are always too baggy with the sleeves trailing a foot extra. Let us not forget the most important issue that has to do with trousers. That is a real crying shame and discourages the morale of be chic, curious and modern.

With dresses you can tie a belt around the waist and tuck some material of the dress within the belt to help hitch the dress higher. And when it concerns shirts, then you can roll up the sleeves or tie the excess fabric in a knot around your waist. But the worse issue is trousers and pants! You can’t possibly roll up every pair of pants and what happens when the waist is too huge. It’s a very annoying and agonizing experience for petite girls to go shopping for pants and be let down each time.

So that is the reason why below follows a comprehensive guide on how petite women can shop for the best jeans from the best spots. Because, let us face it, it is no piece of cake! Here are your best stops for shopping for jeans while keeping in mind to be chic, curious and modern:

J.Crew is a well-known store for many women to go shopping in. Headquartered in New York, it brings its customers a wide variety of all clothes and accessories for all. But the best item to pick for petite women is J.Crew’s "Petite slim boyfriend jean with cut hem" product.

7 for All Mankind may be a store that you haven’t heard of, of late but it is very efficient in producing products that can be worn by all at all entertainment occasions. Every petite girl’s favorite and most liked pair of clothing from their store is the "Tailorless Dojo Trouser in Lake Blue (Short Inseam)". These pair of jeans require little to no altercations (thanks to their inseam feature) if they happen to not fit on your petite frame.

Abercrombie and Fitch is yet another amazing store that adheres to the needs of all its customers regardless of their body shape. This is why their "High Rise Ankle Jeans" is a top favorite of all. It comes in a flexible and wide variety of sizes and colors.

Hudson Jeans are experts when it comes to producing those pairs of jeans that fit the classic petite frame just fine. Their 'Signature' Bootcut Jeans are a marvelous pick for all petite figures and it’s all thanks to its inseam feature and accurate sizing.

GAP is another awesome outlet that is known for its high end and famous pieces of clothing. A true classic choice, GAP’s "Washwell Mid Rise Classic Straight Jeans in 360 Stretch" are bound to bring joy to every confused and distressed petite frame just searching frantically for the perfect pair of jeans for their upcoming entertainment event.

Who does not know about Top Shop? Every lassie who adores shopping has surely heard of this outstanding store and the great pieces it brings forth in the market. Its "PETITE Mid Blue Mom Jeans" priced at only $70 are the perfect fit, material and color. For starters you can never go wrong with mom jeans and Top Shop ensures its customers get the best of both worlds with this pretty item.

Re/Done is probably that store that is not as famous as the others one in this list. But it surely brings the greatest jeans for all body types. The "Stovepipe high-rise straight jeans" are flawlessly proportional to every petite frame as they come in sizes starting from 23 to 31.

Skin Care Routine Basics

Skin Care Routine Basics

Impressed by the looks of someone’s skin? Well, it is not all about the DNA but the matter is simpler than that – it is the skincare routine someone builds for himself! The daily habits and rituals that you choose for your skin create a certain appearance of your skin. You cannot just stick to one product or one habit; you need to create your own natural beauty tips with a routine that suits your lifestyle and skin type.

The First and Most Important

The first thing you need to do regarding your skin is to divide your skin care program into three key steps – cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. You need to continue with this three-step strategy for a while in order to see the desired results. In fact, there is no instant or quick fix for the issues your skin is suffering from. You will start observing your new beauty after some time of starting your regular skincare routine.

Proper Skin Cleansing

The beauty secrets of all beautiful and gorgeous girls start from simply washing their face with plain water. This is the most basic and essential habit that helps you avoid several complications. Washing your face several times a day especially when you have oily skin or you spend some time in the outside area, protects your skin from dirt, environmental pollutants, and all other agents that are harmful to your skin. You can even avoid acne breakout on your face.

Find the right type of skin cleanser for using at the end of the day to thoroughly clean your skin from all types of harmful agents that are not washed away from simple water. There are several different types of cleansers in the market, a little search of your skin type and suitable cleanser for you can help you find the right choice for you. When you start looking for beauty definition and secrets of celebrities, get a good skin cleanser for you.

Using Skin Toners and Serums

Unless you are following carefully planned natural beauty tips, you need a good toner and a suitable serum. The toners are a kind of supplements for your skin. The use of the right skin toner is one of the top beauty secrets of all times. Applying a skin toner keeps your skin well-nourished and supple. They also help to balance your complexion. Often toners have those extra nutrients that your other skin products may not have. Many people consider toners as an optional product. In fact, they are very necessary for you especially when you need to travel out every day to our job.

After using a cleanser, apply a toner that you pick carefully for your skin. Just a few drops of toner on your clean fingertips are sufficient for your face and neck. Toners also help in balancing your complexion; so never ignore your neck while you take care of your face. Hence, a toner is always recommended for attractive and beautiful looks.

Serums are also good for keeping your skin in the best shape. You apply serums right after the toner and before a moisturizer. They increase the absorbing power of moisturizing and keep your skin soft, moist, and flexible. A very little amount of serum adds an extra shot of nutrients to your skin.

Keep in mind a couple of tips regarding the use of serums. Find out the main differences in your face’s skin and use different serums for different areas. Also, apply the serums of your face in the morning, so that your skin remains protected throughout the day.

Using Moisturizers

An accurate beauty definition always includes "shine" of the skin. In fact, only properly moist and nourished skin shines and here comes the function of a skin moisturizer. Basically, the purpose of a moisturizer is to prevent the loss of water from the skin. The outer layer of the skin is in direct contact with the air pollutants. Moisturizer keeps it safe from their harmful effects.

The modern new beauty care products emphasize on using moisturizers regularly. The good thing is that there are moisturizers with different ingredients to suit skin types and timings of the year.

There are special products for oily skin, dry or combined skin. Do not go wrong in choosing your moisturizer. Even the day times make a difference in your choice. For example, if you are staying the night up for some task or just watching a movie, you need a different type of moisturizer to apply on your skin than the one you use in the morning when you go out. So, the trick in the right choice!