Dress Guide for your Body

Dress Guide for your Body

Girls all over the world are in constant search for the ‘perfect dress.' Nowadays womens modern fashion ranges over a huge variety. Many women get easily confused with the many options available and they fail to pick the best dress. But actually the trick to selecting the right dress is to take a look at how your body looks like. Womens modern fashion does not matter about style or price anymore. Now you have to take a look at what shape your body is and then make a well-informed decision.

For an hourglass figure many experts advise that you flaunt and embrace your curves. There are many types of dresses for such figures. Fit and flare dresses are some of the best and they really accentuate the lines of your waist and hips. While bodycon dresses are a top favorite of all hourglass figures.

On the other hand when it comes to apple/round body shapes, you want to opt for empire waist dresses. Famous fashion experts recommend breezy and trapeze dresses for such figures. This draws the attention away from the roundness of the waist and more towards the legs. But as some ladies like to flaunt what they got regardless of what figure they are, they can go for a cinched dress. Always remember to be chic, curious and modern when picking out dresses.

For athletic women, they should most definitely show off their lean body that they have undoubtedly worked really hard on. Such bodies look best when dressed in body hugging dresses. A lot like bodycon dresses but these come in different cuts depending on which area you wish to accentuate the most. For instance if you would like to bring the attention to your legs, go for mini dresses. On the other hand a tight fitted dress in an appropriate material would do well to show off your fit bod. Go shopping for shoes, dresses and make sure to choose the perfect pair of athletic sneakers with your athletic dress.

Tall, willowy ladies have the advantage of opting for ankle/calf length dresses that look really elegant. They come in many styles but mostly the tall ladies will love the spaghetti strap, V-necked satin dresses that graze around the top of their ankles. These kinds of dresses are the best for luxurious entertainment events. But there are also multiple options for casual days. A simple sleeveless floral dress that skirts around your calves will not only look effortlessly beautiful but also chic and complimentary. Matching your shoes dresses will not be hard with these kinds of dresses matching your body frame.

Petite frames have many options for them available even though they might feel like their options are quite limited. In fact, petite frames have so much more styles than other body types because of how flexible their body frame is in the fashion industry. They can practically try out everything but they look best in bold colors, mini dresses, ruffles and dresses with lots of detail. Remember to be chic, curious and modern when trying out new styles.

Inverted triangle figures can choose whether to compliment or modestly cover their top-heavy figure. For that plunge neckline dresses, V-necked dresses and empire waistline dresses look best. If you modestly would like to conceal the upper portion of your figure then stylish designs like an off shoulder dress look great for entertainment events.