Coconut Oil for Beauty Regime

Coconut Oil for Beauty Regime

Coconut oil is can help you stay healthy, beautiful, and young with no extra cost. From your heart health to your skin shine, coconut oil doesn't fail in anything that you need for your health and beauty. There are more than a hundred remedies that coconut oil provides to your skin and body. But we choose 6 top uses of coconut oil for your beauty care. If you stay regular with these, there is no doubt you can keep your health and beauty in optimum shape even in older years of your life.

1. Smooth and Silky Hair

Natural beauty tips are incomplete without including hair care tips. Your hair adds a lot to your looks. Never go lazy in taking proper care of your hair. Maintaining smooth and silky hair is not an ordeal if you know coconut oil. Coconut oil has a double action natural formula to keep your hair in good health. Firstly, it nourishes the roots and helps healthy and dense growth of your hair. Secondly, it treats dandruff which is another reason for hair fall and dryness.

2. Soft and Supple Skin

Makeup can destruct your skin. The chemicals added in makeup products are not good for your skin. That is why you need to apply some natural remedies on your face to keep it safe from the bad effects of makeup. There are several good brands of makeup removers but we suggest you use cotton dabbed in coconut oil for gently removing the remains of makeup from your face when you come to sleep at night. You can wash your face with simple water after removing the makeup but do not use any soap.

3. Treating Rough Patches on the Skin

Dry weather can be tough on your skin. Whether it is winter or summer, the skin can develop dry patches because of the weather. Apart from using a mild soap, you need to leather your skin and massage it with coconut oil regularly. After taking a bath when your skin is moist and soft, you apply coconut oil and trap the moisture on your skin surface with oil. Coconut oil becomes solid in winter. For more effective work of the oil on your skin, heat the oil slightly until it is warm enough that your skin can comfortably bear with it. Now, massage your skin with a generous supply of oil and leave the oil on your body.

4. Coconut Oil Intake

The skin cells need fats in order to give your skin the shine and flexibility that make it look young and beautiful. Apart from applying coconut oil to your skin, you need to add coconut oil to your daily diet. Form one tablespoon to two tablespoons according to your lifestyle and diet is considered enough for an average adult. Natural beauty tips always mention adding certain food in your diet. Coconut oil is one of those foods. You can add it in your smoothies, apply it on your toast, make cookies with it or even roast tasty chicken breast coated with coconut oil; all delicious ways to intake coconut oil!

5. Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells

Skin cells are in a constant process of change. Old cells die and new cells are created. There are several factors that contribute to increasing the process of dead skin cells in our skin. Use of more makeup products, aging, weather changes, and lifestyle are the major contributors. Coconut oil mixed with other ingredients can be a highly effective skin scrub. It helps to retain the smoothness of your skin and give it a supple young look that everyone adores. Mix a tablespoon ground coffee with the same amount of coconut oil and use it as a skin scrub in any season at any age. If you want to replace coffee with something else, the best option can be brown sugar. To boost the results, add some drops of lemon in the mixture.

6. Effective Face Mask

Natural face masks are an important part of your beauty care routine. Use coconut oil as an essential ingredient of your face mask especially in winter and enjoy better results. Add some coconut oil in egg white, turmeric powder, and some yogurt. Use the paste as a face mask. In summer, your skin suffers from hot wind and becomes dry. You can add a few drops of coconut oil with fuller's earth and use it as your daily face mask. It protects your skin from the bad effects of