Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

The women in the film industry and modeling have access to all sorts of expertise in skin care products. But apart from getting the services of top makeup artists, popular brand products, and high-quality ingredient-based makeup they follow certain skin care regimen for optimum beauty upkeep.

Here are the top ten famous celebrities who have their amazing beauty secrets and we have found out their secret for you.

1. Emma Stone

She has flawless smooth skin. But, hardly anyone knows that Emma Stone has super sensitive skin. So, she cannot apply any moisturizer but she has to spend a lot of effort in finding the right type of moisturizer that would not irritate her skin. That is why she uses grapeseed oil. You can also find grapeseed oil on beauty websites or at your local beauty store. This is a famous natural remedy for keeping the sensitive or even normal skin in good shape.

2. Mariah Careyremedy for keeping the sensitive or even normal skin in good shape.

Her plump lips attract everyone. She has a very natural and simple tip to keep her lips in the shape that you always find them full and enviable. Just a few drops of mint extract in her favorite lip gloss bring this magnificent result. Mint extract boosts blood circulation and the flow increases in the lips which gives them a lively and plump shape. You can find mint extract in health food stores.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Wrinkles, especially under the eyes, are a source of big concern. But Jennifer Aniston has found a way to keep her face looking extremely young and wrinkle-free. She removes her makeup at night and carefully applies Vaseline around her eyes to keep the skin highly hydrated and moisturized. This is a simple tip but highly effective!

4. Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson simply uses Vaseline to remove her entire face makeup. She finds it a very helpful and fast way to remove the make traces completely. The Vaseline texture is thick which keeps the skin safe from any irritation. You can also use the liquid Vaseline but make sure that you buy a scent-free product because of it gentler on the skin.

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones

You must have admired Catherine's long luscious locks. You may not believe to hear that she keeps them in this excellent shape with beer! She rinses her hair with beer. The amino acid and vitamin B in the beer prevents hair fall. Vitamin B keeps the scalp clean and oil production regulated. The yeast in the beer has pH acid which closes the hair scales so the hairs shine.

6. Shakira

Shakira has healthy and smooth skin with no spots. She keeps her skin carefully safe from the sunlight. You have guessed right, she is regular in using sunscreen to keep the harmful UVs away. But, in lace of using adult's product she buys baby SPF because it is more protective than the adults' product. You can find the baby SPF at any beauty store.

7. Lady Gaga

She uses the right purple shampoo for her hair. You know that she is excessively obsessed with dying her hair and this purple shampoo takes the right care of her hair and saves them from abrasive effects of hair dyes.

8. Hilary Duff

This is the best among the entire beauty secrets of celebrities. Hilary sprays her skin with refreshing spray prior to applying makeup. The refreshing spray keeps the skin hydrated and safe from the effects of makeup because of its antioxidant ingredients. Most beauty websites sell this refreshing spray and you get one for you.

9. Halle Berry (in photo)

Halle maintained her beauty secret with coffee grounds. Yes, she mixes coffee grounds in her body wash uses it as a skin exfoliator. The caffeine in coffee ground boosts blood flow and keeps the skin smooth. You can easily do the same and mix the coffee ground in your hot bathing tub and enjoy great skin.

Yes, Kim has smooth long and healthy hair. She applies coconut oil and avocado oil on her hair generously at night and shampoos them in the morning. All night-time is long enough to keep her hair well-coated with the oil. She shampoos her hair every second and from this, you can imagine how frequently she applies the oil in her hair and for how long she waits to wash them.